The Kingdom Unleashed – Kindle
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As American culture becomes increasingly bent toward secularism, it may surprise you to know that Christianity is growing faster now than at any time in world history. So why don’t we see more evidence of God at work in the culture we live in? Because this growth is taking place almost entirely in the Global South.



Why, you may wonder, is this explosive growth happening almost entirely in Africa, Asia, and Latin America? What secret do these countries have that we don’t? The Kingdom Unleashed seeks to answer this question by delving more deeply into Disciple-Making Movements that have led to the viral spread of Christianity in the Global South.

In this book a former African missionary, American pastor, now Disciple Making Movement leader, researcher, and writer has teamed with a prominent Christian worldview specialist, church historian, and theologian to combine their expertise to provide a deep analysis of the church in the Global North. Together, over three years of research, and scores of interviews with movement catalysts, they have delved deeply into Jesus’ core Kingdom of God values that empower every great movement in the Global South; and when not in place, restrict movements from happening in the Global North.
Readers will discover the biblical values and disciplines that create Kingdom Movements, and many stories of the courage that it took Kingdom catalysts to shift their vision, assumptions, and paradigms, and see “what kings and prophets wanted to see.”
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