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About the Book

Diving Deeper into the Book

As American culture becomes increasingly bent toward secularism, it may surprise you to know that Christianity is growing faster now than at any time in world history. So why don’t we see more evidence of God at work in the culture we live in? Because this growth is taking place almost entirely in the Global South.

Why, you may wonder, is this explosive growth happening almost entirely in Africa, Asia, and Latin America? What secret do these countries have that we don’t? The Kingdom Unleashed seeks to answer this question by delving more deeply into Disciple-Making Movements that have led to the viral spread of Christianity in the Global South.

In this book a former African missionary, American pastor, now Disciple Making Movement leader, researcher, and writer has teamed with a prominent Christian worldview specialist, church historian, and theologian to combine their expertise to provide a deep analysis of the church in the Global North. Together, over three years of research, and scores of interviews with movement catalysts, they have delved deeply into Jesus’ core Kingdom of God values that empower every great movement in the Global South; and when not in place, restrict movements from happening in the Global North.

Readers will discover the biblical values and disciplines that create Kingdom Movements, and many stories of the courage that it took Kingdom catalysts to shift their vision, assumptions, and paradigms, and see “what kings and prophets wanted to see.”


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As American culture becomes increasingly bent toward secularism, it may surprise you to know that Christianity is growing faster now than at any time in world history. So why don’t we see more evidence of God at work in the culture we live in? Because this growth is taking place almost entirely in the Global South.

About the Authors

Jerry Trousdale

Jerry Trousdale and his wife Gayle were church planters among a Muslim people group in West Africa in the 1970’s. Later he pastored mission sending churches in California and Tennessee. He also served in Christian publishing and broadcasting.

In 2002 Jerry and some of his African colleagues were exposed to the early Kingdom movements of Asia, and they began a process of learning to catalyze them in Africa, co-founding Final Command Ministries in 2003. Since 2005 Jerry has served as Director of International Ministries for New Generations (formerly Cityteam International) where, in partnership with hundreds of Global South ministries, more than 430 people groups have been successfully engaged in 29 countries. 110 of those engagements have become Disciple Making Movements with at least 100 churches and four generations of churches planting churches.

Glenn Sunshine

Glenn Sunshine has taught a variety of Bible, history, and worldview seminars and courses to churches around the U.S., Europe and Asia, as well as leading church retreats, seminars, and renewal weekends. He is a core faculty member and Senior Fellow for the Colson Fellows Program, a worldview training ministry of Breakpoint and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and is the content consultant for several worldview curricula, including “Wide Angle” and “Walk the Talk.” A Research Fellow of the Acton Institute, Glenn appears in the Acton documentary “The Birth of Freedom,” and in “Labeled,” a documentary on eugenics. He is also featured on “Doing the Right Thing,” an ethics curriculum, and in “Worldview and Why It Matters,” a worldview curriculum with Chuck Colson. He is the founder of Every Square Inch Ministries, and a professor of history at Central Connecticut State University.

Glenn and his wife Lynn have been married for more than 30 years and have two children. They live in Newington, Connecticut.


Jerry and Glenn were assisted for several months by Gregory C. Benoit who brought his rich background in journalism, theology and Christian publishing to this project.

What People are Saying

" Be prepared to learn about what God is doing in this world in The Kingdom Unleashed. Be prepared to catch the breadth and depth of the vision of Jesus for the kingdom of God. Be prepared to be changed and to be a change agent in your church and community. Be prepared to take part in The Kingdom Unleashed. Trousdale and Sunshine's study examines Bible, theology, church history and the lives of ordinary people in all parts of the globe who are living out the kingdom vision. If anything, The Kingdom Unleashed will take you out of your world into the wider world of God's work."
  • Scot McKnight
  • Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament - Northern Seminary
"In countless prayer sessions on several continents, I have witnessed missionaries begging for the Kingdom of Heaven to be unleashed in our lifetime. I was one of those missionaries, who after starting several churches in South America and North America, still struggled with discouragement because our pace of church planting and evangelism did not seem to keep up with world population shifts. At last, hope and inspiration have renewed my spirit as The Kingdom Unleashed presents voices of many ordinary Christians bearing testimony of dramatic advances in the name of Jesus Christ."
  • Glenn Robb
  • Missiologist, Disciple Maker, and Church Planter
"I could not put The Kingdom Unleashed down. This book will open a floodgate that will not be shut--of waves after waves of obedient disciples following Jesus in the Global North. This breakthrough book articulates kingdom movements from countless interviews of ordinary people igniting miraculous movements, and from an unprecedented depth and breadth of research and a historical and theological perspective. The Kingdom Unleashed challenges us to re-embrace our calling to follow Jesus at all costs!"
  • Mary Ho
  • International Executive Leader, All Nations Family


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